Cinematographer - Commercial

Few months ago, an image came to me of a group of futuristic farmers contemplating from a far the collapse of society and the ongoing climatic crisis.

They were in a strange paralyzed and graceful state.
These youngs and privileged creatures - very much like me - moved away from the city to flee the disintegration of the old world, contemplating the collapse as if it were fiction, as if it was enough distance to instill poetry and esthetics on the desolate view.
I cant help but parallel these images with the current situation.

Six shorts videos online on Hier soir website

Directed by Martin Lazlo
DOP Julien Thiverny assisted by Alban Paqueville
Sound design and music by Léon Septavaux
Special FX by Exuvision
Color by Nicolas Gauthier
Prod by Hier Soir, Yoël Servadio assisted by Nolwenn Jaubert
Wardrobe 100% Y Project
Style by Léa Yo
Hair by Juliette Studer
MUA by Eden Tonda
Casting by Jane Morineau 
Models: Youssou Shop, Les Litanies